Bakery - Blender To Marmoset Addon

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Bakery - Blender To Marmoset Addon

4 ratings

Bakery addon transfers your mesh from Blender to Marmoset Toolbag, that baking will be with less effort and bugs. This addon use FBX for export and Marmoset Toolbag naming convention.


  • Auto rename all you object in children HighPoly, LowPoly Collection
  • Export High poly
  • Export Low poly
  • Export both, High and Low
  • Create a high and low collection hierarchy from the active object name.
  • Auto naming FBX files base on your .blend file name.
  • Removing suffixes of .blend files
  • Run "Marmoset toolbag" from Blender

Exported files will also fit for the Substance Painter baking naming convention. 

For clean export, you need to do follow these documentations.


For the script to work, you need to have “HighPoly” and “LowPoly” named collections in your scene.

Objects must be placed in children’s collections. Name from children collection goes to objects under this collection after exporting.

(Export or rename will only affect objects of children collection, or other objects will be not exported or renamed. Children’s collections of children’s collection will not be affected by renamed)

Renaming will also work when you exporting mesh.

Button "Coll from Active" will help you to create High-Low hierarchy for your project.

The new collection will be created with one click, names for this collection come from the active object selection. For instance, if your active object called "Cube", the function will add "Cube_high" and "Cube_low". The active object will go to the "Cube_low" collection, and the rest of the selection goes to "Cube_high".

You can rename your active object with pressing F2.

Also, the function "Coll from Active", will take care of creation "High Poly" and "Low poly" parent collections for you.

The script automatically creates a new “Bake_files” folder in the same place where your .blend files located. In this “Bake_files” folder will be you High and Low poly meshes.

If your file has suffixes it will automatically remove them. Addon work with 0-9, 00-99,v00-v99, _v0-_v9, and _v00-_v99 suffixes.

For example Model_name_04.blend will create Model_name_HighPoly.fbx and Model_name_LowPoly.fbx

In Marmoset Toolbag you should locate your files in Baker-->Quick Loader-->Load

So, in the end, you should get this.

The exporter will not work if you did not save your .blend file.

Also before press export buttons, you should check the visibility of collections. All hided mesh will not be exported.

."Run Marmoset" button will start the Marmoset toolbar. Your Toolbag must be located in the standard path - C:\Program Files\Marmoset\Toolbag 3\toolbag.exe

For questions and support use blenderartist.com or goodrootsfamily@gmail.com

Addon was made on Windows platform, it can behave differently on other platforms.

Have a nice exporting.

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